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Discovery trails

Heritage Tour (90-120 minutes)

This is a fascinating journey through the past and present day village of New Carlisle. Starting at the Kempffer House, strolling West on Gérard-D.-Levesque, you will visit history by following the green Heritage signs. There are 19 in all.

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pdfTour Map

The Boardwalk (20-45 minutes)

Enjoy a stroll along the strand of the most southern point of the Gaspésie. This trail is accessible from the parking area at the foot of the Green street and/or the area near the foot of Church street.

Boardwalk 7 site  Boardwalk 3

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Jean-Paul-Dubé Bird Sanctuary (20-45 minutes)

The trail starts at the parking lot at the end of Church Street and heads west through the Bird Sancturary and the dunes. One can return via the beach. This trail is also accessible at the foot of Beach street (Ave. de la Plage).

Bird Sanc site

Bird Sanc sitee

Black Lake Recreational Trails (Optimist Chalet)

These trails can be accessed during all seasons, and can be enjoyed on foot when the snow has not covered the trails yet. Once the snow has arrived, they are great trails for cross country skiing and snow shoeing.

pdfMap of ski/snowshoe trails

Loop #1 2.1 km
Loop #2 4.0 km
Shortcut #2 1.9 km
Loop #3 1.1 km
Beginning A 0.8 km
Beginning B 0.2 km
End F 0.8 km

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