Bonaventure, March 20, 2020 – The mayors of the following four municipalities: Bonaventure, Saint-Siméon, Saint-Elzéar and New Carlisle today established an important collaboration and mutual assistance agreement aimed at ensuring the continuity of all municipal services in each of the municipalities, in the event that the pandemic has effects on human, material resources or other situations.

Indeed, Mrs Roch Audet, Denis Gauthier, Marie-Louis Bourdages and Stephen Chatterton agree that in the current context, we must be ready to face different eventualities and collaboration is essential to keep services for citizens in the foreground.

The agreement covers all essential services including public safety, water and sewer services or administrative services. Thus, for example, in the event of a shortage of personnel or equipment in a particular situation for one of the municipalities, the service may be provided by another of the partners involved. Obviously, these exchanges of service will be done at no cost and collaborations must be done in accordance with the hygiene guidelines requested by the Government of Quebec.

The mayors are satisfied with this agreement and will keep a close collaboration in these at least hectic times where the situations change quickly.

For more information, contact one of the four mayors involved at the coordinates listed below.

Information :

Roch Audet, mayor of Bonaventure
418 534-2313, poste 230

Denis Gauthier, mayor of Saint-Siméon
418 534-2155

Marie-Louis Bourdages, mayor of Saint-Elzéar
418 534-2611

Stephen Chatterton, mayor of New Carlisle
418 752-3141