Citizens alert system

The Municipality of New Carlisle has adhered to an automated alert system to inform citizens, in a short time, of emergencies or major obstacles in its territory.

You can receive informational messages related to these situations by phone, email or text messaging.

What types of emergency situations can you be aware of?

  • Notice of closure
  • Notice of cutting or boiling water
  • Notice of containment or evacuation
  • Flood
  • Any other major incident or incident concerning civil security


How to register for the Citizens Alert System ?

In order to receive the messages, all you have to do is register for the Citizen Alert System on the municipality’s website.

From December 9th, go to and register by clicking on the registration red button on the home page and complete the form that will open. You can choose the way you want to receive messages: phone, text message (SMS) or email

If it is not possible for you to register on the website, you can call the municipality for an employee to register you to the Alert System.

How does the service work?

The automated call system broadcasts in a targeted manner (depending on the geographical area, for example) by voice mail, e-mail or text message, the notices issued by the Municipality. For example, if you live in the area west of Church Street and the notice affects residents of Green Street, you will not be contacted.

For “phone alerts”, if there is no answer or if the line is busy, the system is programmed to call twice. If you have an answering machine, the system will leave a message. If you have call display, it will indicate that you have received a call from the Municipality of New Carlisle with the number 418 752-3141

For “text message alerts” the mailing number of the message will not be that of the Municipality, but the message will indicate that it comes from the Municipality of New Carlisle

For email alerts, these will come from

What uses can we make of the information collected ?

The information provided during your registration is confidential and will be used only for emergency alert service purposes or to receive other information on municipal services.

At any time you can decide to unsubscribe alerts and disable your account through the red button “Citizen Alert” on our website or by contacting us by phone.